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Vlad Cuciureanu

Full-Stack Developer (Contractor)

I like to build things.


Since before I can remember, I loved anything tech. I would spend hours exploring the depths of my father's desktop, trying to figure out how the games I used to play and Windows (the operating system) functioned. Lost count of how many times I bricked the system.

Fast-forward a few years, I got my first internship at 16 years old, as a C++ game engine developer at a small corporation. Afterwards, I transitioned to full-stack web development, working on various stacks until landing on React and Express, alongside Typescript.

My main focus these days is building web products as a contractor. In my free time I'm also working on various personal projects. Check them out below ↓

When I'm not at the computer, I'm usually hanging out with my wife, enjoying a cold brew tonic, or studying audio synthesis.


  1. 2022 — Present

    Full-Stack Dev · Contractor

    • Started working as a self-employed, full-stack developer.
      • React
      • Express
      • Node.js
      • PostgreSQL
    • 2020 — 2022

      • Developed the software for an industrial‑purposed, Linux‑based SBC.
      • Developed and extended modules for an expansive SOAP app.
      • Developed an internal Progressive Web App with a monolithic back‑end.
      • Gained experience with: WebSockets and PWAs.
      • Developed multiple micro‑services in a web app.
      • Gained experience with: Docker, Redis, PostgreSQL and more…
        • Angular
        • Vue
        • TypeScript
        • Spring
        • Kotlin
        • Java
        • WebSockets
        • Redis
      • Aug — Aug 2017

        • Helped develop a military simulator’s game engine.
        • Bound web renderer to OpenGL application (for UI menus).
        • Learned about VCS flows and Agile frameworks.
          • C++
          • OpenGL
          • Game Engine
          • HTML


        • Toothpick

          Bluetooth extension for Raycast. Provides shortcuts for quick Bluetooth management.

          14.500+ Installs
          • React
          • Node.js
        • CheckIt

          Minimalist, local-first checklist app created for quickly writing down action points.

          • React
          • Next.js
          • TypeScript
          • Sass
        • Portfolio

          My personal website, serving as a digital garden and portfolio, showcasing my thoughts, experiences, and projects.

          • React
          • Next.js
          • TypeScript
          • Tailwind
          • Edge Functions
        • Hymn

          Open-source, non-profit, free-access christian music tabs repository with user friendliness and ease of use in mind.

          • React
          • Next.js
          • TypeScript
          • Tailwind
          • Supabase
        • Lyra

          Self‑hosted music streaming service that allows you to take your high‑fidelity music collection anywhere.

          • React
          • Next.js
          • Node.js
          • WebRTC
          • Redis